Grocery shopping with Kate, yet again

If you've read my blog before, you will know that I have a weakness for packaging, specifically in the grocery store. I go to the shops intending to buy some eggs, and end up being the strange person taking photographs of mayonnaise. Here's the latest in my grocery adventures, featuring mayo, avocado oil, and unnecessarily glam bottled water. I'm not actually huge on mayo, unless it is on sweet potato fries, but these brown paper labels and clean black and clear packaging on "just MAYO" caught my eye. The brown paper look gives the brand the wholesome simplicity that they are clearing aiming for, and the egg logo with the leaves in the negative space is simple, clean, and effective. I like t

Live. Local. Legit. Border City Brawlers

My life for the past few years has been essentially split between work (mostly design) and play (always roller derby), so it makes sense that the two would overlap occasionally. Border City Brawlers roller derby league, my home league (I skate on the All-Star travel team and coach fresh meat), was looking for a way to promote this season's newly-introduced season passes. The goal was not only to publicize the passes as a good deal to any fans wishing to purchase them, but to act as a general overview of our bout dates and promote the league across the city of Windsor. It was paramount to emphasize the athleticism and realness of the sport, as we still have to combat the common perception tha

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