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Grocery shopping with Kate, yet again

If you've read my blog before, you will know that I have a weakness for packaging, specifically in the grocery store. I go to the shops intending to buy some eggs, and end up being the strange person taking photographs of mayonnaise. Here's the latest in my grocery adventures, featuring mayo, avocado oil, and unnecessarily glam bottled water.


I'm not actually huge on mayo, unless it is on sweet potato fries, but these brown paper labels and clean black and clear packaging on "just MAYO" caught my eye. The brown paper look gives the brand the wholesome simplicity that they are clearing aiming for, and the egg logo with the leaves in the negative space is simple, clean, and effective. I like the bold sans serif paired with a slightly retro script font, and the little rooster and pepper to represent the flavouring are tidy and don't compete with the white logo for attention.


Next up, another product I don't really need but almost bought just based on the packaging. The matte label over metal container makes it feel rustic, along with the company's logo, which isn't necessarily that striking or impressive design-wise on its own, but fits the vibe of the product. I think I mainly enjoy the lush green of the border, and the avocado sketch, which reminds me of a vintage botanical study.


Last up in this edition is a bottled water called blk., which strikes me as so snobby that I didn't want to even put it on this list. However, I really do like the packaging. The shape of the bottle, and the fact that it is black, make me recall red wine bottles. The uber-minimal type treatment, as well as the company name, taking "black" and reducing it to its bare minimum in terms of letters, appeals to my love of clean design, and the black on black "defy expectations" that subtly appears about halfway down is a nice touch. I'd never buy it, but I kind of wanted to, just because of the design. And I suppose that means it is doing its job.

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