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Live. Local. Legit. Border City Brawlers

My life for the past few years has been essentially split between work (mostly design) and play (always roller derby), so it makes sense that the two would overlap occasionally.

Here's me playing for the All-Stars against Ann Arbor last October

Border City Brawlers roller derby league, my home league (I skate on the All-Star travel team and coach fresh meat), was looking for a way to promote this season's newly-introduced season passes. The goal was not only to publicize the passes as a good deal to any fans wishing to purchase them, but to act as a general overview of our bout dates and promote the league across the city of Windsor. It was paramount to emphasize the athleticism and realness of the sport, as we still have to combat the common perception that derby is staged.

For this reason, I chose to go with a black and white poster (which also makes printing cheaper), featuring an action shot of one of our skaters, Trackula. I wanted to use black and white for its documentary connotations to highlight the realness and grit of roller derby. I also chose to go with a very minimal type treatment for the same reason, and to ensure clarity. Roller derby has the image of being very much something that is about appearances, face paint, hot pants and the like, and while those things do exist within the sport, our league wanted to emphasize the athletes and their hard work instead of their outfits.

I came up with the tagline, Live. Local. Legit. in keeping with this goal. What did we want Windsor to know about roller derby in the city? 1. It is happening live, and here are the dates; 2. It is happening near you, and here is where; and 3. It is 100% real, and 100% a sport. Live. Local. Legit.


In addition to the advertising for the season passes, the league required designs for the passes themselves, which we produced on cardstock, laminated, and sold on lanyards to fans. I wanted these to have the same vibe as the poster, and be consistent in their branding and slogan, as well as being interesting and professional enough that fans would be excited about owning and wearing theirs to the games, which might encourage further sales.

I went with four different designs, featuring four different skaters from the league: two from the All-Star team, and two from the B-team, the Canadian Clubbers. Fans could request their favourite skater from the four options if they so chose, and all four photos show our skaters looking strong, powerful, athletic, and across the set of passes represent both jamming and blocking positions.

The passes featured Trackula (shown above), Ginny Wheelsly, Natattack, and Traumasaurus, and a space for customization with the passholder's name. The season pass campaign was a success with several dozen sold, and passholder's proud at games to wear their passes around their necks.




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