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"A well-branded life."

Between book covers, typesetting, marketing design, writing (not enough!), roller derby, and whatever other commitments I've taken on in a given month, it's hard to find time to do much else.

However, while moving apartments took a big chunk of time out of my life for a couple months this summer, with packing, yard-saling, moving day itself, and so so so much IKEA furniture to build, it also gave me the opportunity to use my design skills to make the transition logistically smoother.

Who am I kidding?

It gave me the opportunity to make cute address change cards and housewarming invitations.

I hate clutter, and I hate moving. When I move I want to physically transport as little property as possible, hence, my desperation to de-clutter well in advance of moving day.

And how does one best de-clutter with limited time? By advertising your cheap and free stuff to friends and family through a handy online garage sale. Whatever I could do to attract more attention and interest to people taking away my clutter was worth it, and designing a minimal Facebook banner seemed like a good way to do just that.

An "OK Online Garage Sale (Don't Expect Anything Amazing)" had quite a few people confused about why we wanted to give away/sell our mediocre stuff. Until they realized that everything about our move was only OK.

I needed a quick, easy, but also fun and noticeable way to get our new address out to friends, family, and clients, so I designed a digital change of address card we could email/Facebook/whatever to whoever needed an update (obviously edited here so that the whole Internet doesn't have my home address).

Finally, what's a new apartment without a housewarming party? Even one that promises to be OK (we guess). Keeping with the same typeface and style, I designed a digital housewarming invite, with a handy mini-map (edited again for privacy) using the shelving to show our nearest street corner.

It was at this point that a friend commented, "You have a well-branded life."


As a graphic designer (who also happens to live with another graphic designer), we can be pretty picky with the way our apartment looks, and how we present ourselves design-wise. Sure, we could have sent out bland address change cards and texted about our housewarming, but it just wouldn't be us.

So the OK move ended up with an OK brand identity, and I'm pretty OK with that (get it?)

That's all for now!


PS. If you can't find a poster you like for your bedroom, why not design one yourself? Yes. Yes, we did.

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