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"Kate is a fabulous writer and artist, and she’s also a gifted interpreter, transforming the theme and overall tone of my words into her own elegant design. It’s a beautiful book and I’m deeply grateful for her ingenuity!" - Kerry-Lee Powell


"I feel very fortunate to have had the design of my book placed in Kate Hargreaves' very talented hands. The cover of Canary is simple and stunning, and potential readers are drawn to the book by her artistry. I love Kate's work." -Nancy Jo Cullen


"On seeing Kate Hargreaves' striking design for my fourth short story collection, Red Girl Rat Boy, I gasped with delight. Perfect! It's unusual and vibrant, with colour and movement that compel attention. Many, many people have commented on "that great cover you got!" - Cynthia Flood


"I didn’t meet Kate Hargreaves until after my debut collection of short stories, Keeping the Peace, was published by Biblioasis. She designed the cover for my book.  When I first saw the cover design, some weeks before the collection was set to go to print, I couldn’t believe how spot-on it was for a collection of stories set in a small town. The white clapboard house with green shutters—how did Kate know what my house looked like?  And that young family in the foreground — they seem so hopeful. The older woman and younger woman sitting in lawn chairs in the background—are they sharing a secret, a bit of gossip?  And those lovely shadows. Kate created the perfect cover for my book. I couldn’t be happier with the result." - Colette Maitland


"I can only say that Ms. Hargreaves was wonderful to work with. As editorial assistant, she directed [Molito's] production with total professionalism.  She was always responsive to my inquiries, extremely efficient in coordinating the relationship between text and illustrator, and always kind in responding to and solving any concerns I had.  The book turned out beautifully. The Globe and Mail listed it this September on their “Best of this fall’s new children’s books.” After working with her for months, I finally met Ms Hargreaves at the Windsor BookFest, November 3rd to 5th, 2011. Occasionally one encounters a young person who, one is certain, is going to make his or her mark.  Ms Hargreaves has the self-directed ambition, sense of purpose, and intelligence that mark her out as a young person to watch.  At the same time she has a generosity of spirit and good will that are lovely to see. I expect interesting things from her. She has my highest recommendation. 

- Rosemary Sullivan


"It is a great pleasure to write a few words about Kate Hargreaves with whom I worked on my newest poetry book, The Pillow Books, published by Black Moss Press, 2011. Kate was in charge of all aspects of design of this book which needed special accommodations to allow for very long lines in the individual poems. And Kate also had to deal with the erratic nature of my titles and sections, which had evolved over a long period of time and were often variant. There was no request or query which I sent in Kate’s direction which she did not deal with with aplomb and finesse. The final result is a book of great beauty which has been commented on constantly. Kate also is the editor of an online magazine, where she featured my book among several other artists. The magazine is edgy, visually arresting, and continuously interesting. I cannot recommend her highly enough for her sense of design, her care and her innovation. - Karen Mulhallen


"Kate Hargreaves’ work as a book designer is exemplary, highly professional and prompt." - John B. Lee


"As the online editor of, I worked with many freelancers, including Kate Hargreaves. Kate was a delight to work with and I was very impressed with her level of professionalism, including her ability to complete all work assigned to her in a timely manner. I have no doubt that Kate will exceed expectations in any endeavour that she undertakes." - Victoria Rose, former online editor,


"Ms Kate Hargreaves has edited four children books for Golden Maple Publications, though her expertise goes far beyond editing juvenile fiction. Her great skill in choosing the appropriate vocabulary and expressions, identifying and fixing awkward sentences, rearranging paragraphs and their sequence to develop a more logical and attractive presentation and elevating the style has added significant value to our books. Her quick and committed response to our editorial needs makes her an excellent choice. She is a highly educated and skillful editor you can rely on and enjoy working with. I proudly recommend her."

- Kurosh Taromi, Manager, Golden Maple Publications


"Kate Hargreaves gave my poetry book a fresh and inviting look. Her careful editing and queries aided me greatly in the final polishing of my tenth poetry book, Imagining Lives. She is a friendly, cooperative editor, but always thorough." - Bernice Lever


"It has been said that working with writers is like herding cats, if so then Kate Hargreaves is a top wrangler...Ms. Hargreaves has been able to merge what is best for the book or issue, in terms of design and marketing, with what I, as author, felt was required.  This is no easy task, but Ms. Hargreaves made it  seem as if it were easy as pie." - Ronnie R. Brown


"Kate Hargreaves was editor and designer for my new book, All That Desire: New and Selected Poems. As an editor myself, I appreciated her fine attention to detail in the editing of the manuscript, and especially her patience and understanding. Her work on the poems, both the old and the new, made this a better book. The interior design—the font, the placement of subtitle, the footers—is edgy and gives new life to old poems. The cover is simply stunning. I recommend her work highly."

- Betsy Struthers


"Kate Hargreaves designed the cover of my latest book, The Punctuation Field, published by Black Moss Press, 2011. Her design, I felt, captured the content and tone of the book, not an easy task, especially with poetry. Kate was quick to respond to my comments and generous in the time she devoted to this project. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments on the book cover from readers and book sellers. Working with her was a pleasure. I’d work with her again in a flash."

- Elizabeth Zetlin


"Having worked with poet Catherine Owen on a collaborative Black Moss book, dark fish & other infernos (Black Moss Press, Fall 2011), I found Kate Hargreaves to be a remarkably innovative designer. Indeed so impressed was I with Kate’s design of our book that I am now considering submitting a solo manuscript of prose to Black Moss Press for their 64/10 series. Being a visual artist with a proven track record in the Canadian art scene as well as being a creative writer, I am looking forward to working with Kate to incorporate a few black and white drawings to embellish the text of what I hope to be my next title with Black Moss Press.

- Joe Rosenblatt


"Kate Hargreaves strongly influenced the editing and design of my book When Angels Weep (Black Moss Press, Spring 2008). This book was shortlisted for the Acorn Plantos Award. Presently, Kate is working with the editing and design of my manuscript of narrative poetry, Brides in Black. This book will be published by Black Moss Press, April, 2012. Her recent design of The Pillow Books by Karen Mulhallen (Black Moss Press, Fall 2011) is fresh, artistic and compelling! Kate Hargreaves is a very talented, creative young woman whose unique designs signal Kate deserves to be recognized in the publishing world." - Mary Ann Mulhern


"I regularly receive compliments on the design for my book of poetry by Kate. Because of her willingness to collaborate I feel I am a part of that success."

- Brother Paul Quenon


"I would say that [Kate is] prompt, courteous, respectful of [her] artist clients and ha[s] a great eye for design!" - Catherine Owen

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