Forthcoming in Fall 2022

Kate Hargreaves's second poetry collection, Tend, will be released by Book*hug Press in Fall 2022.


tend is a visceral, playful collection that contemplates fracture—of the physical, and between people, times and places. These poems reflect living through the intimate awkwardness of modern life: the feelings of being distanced from loved ones, physically and emotionally; striving to be better (at chores, at intimacy); and tending to the things that break apart.

This work is anchored in the body, pushing at the edges of spaces that bodies and ideas inhabit: between closing in and digging out, claustrophobia and isolation, nostalgia and plans, home and away, and the struggle to stay still or articulate without doubling back.

Kate Hargreaves plays with the recognizable in our everyday—bodies and homes and relationships—and, in doing so, reminds us of unexpectedness in these complex spaces. tend is an immersive work, as validating as it is illuminating.



"An engaging read. It will be an excellent addition to any collection that serves tweens."—CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“This novel inspires the reader to eat well, play hard, and appreciate the sport of roller-derby!” — Resource Links

Sixteen-year-old Robin Ellis (aka Robin CookieJars) wants to be the best jammer on her roller-derby team and maybe one day play for the Creek City Roller Derby All-Stars like her idol, Annie Mossity. But star junior player April Reid (aka April Powers) always seems to be one lap ahead. Until recently, that is. Robin has noticed that April has been losing a lot of weight, and her game is suffering. This may be Robin's chance to finally grab the MVP title. But her success may come at a very heavy cost.

Ages 9-12. themes: eating disorders, body positivity, female empowerment, inclusivity, mentoring young girls. 152 pages.

Part of the Orca Sports Series. 

Orca Sports stories engage middle-schoolers and teens with fast-paced plots and easy-to-read language. Topics include a variety of team and individual sports. Reading levels from grade 2.0 to 4.5; Interest level ages 10+. 



Quill and Quire 2014 Fall Poetry Preview Selection

49th Shelf Most Anticipated 2014 Fall Poetry Selection


In Leak, the relationship between language and the body lives in the bumps and bruises that in turn become new ways of understanding the borders and leaks of our everyday existence. Bodies lose pieces and fall apart, while words slip out of place and letters drop away. Emergency room signage becomes incomprehensible, the census requests bodily measurements, a cyclist confuses oil with her own blood. This visceral deconstruction of the body and its multiple representations tests the boundaries of body politics – pathologically, emotionally, and lyrically, pathologically, emotionally, and lyrically.


"Inside Kate Hargreaves's stunning new book, words bite and yawn and breathe the page, chipping away at the dictionary, diagnosing the alphabet. A tour de aperture, these poems will leak from your tongue into your brain, gushing pleasure: pleasure: pleasure: pleasure." — Nicole Markotić

"With deliberate caprice, Kate Hargreaves executes, deranges, disentangles, fractures, accidenting language into dazzling constellations." — Rosemary Nixon

"Leak is an exciting poetic debut which performs a relentless and passionate anat- omy through syntax that spills, kicks, craves, bloats, sheds, and spits. Hargreaves reminds us that, for worse and for better, parts of speech and speaker tend to gurgle beyond their notional grammars. Read it and gush."  — Susan Holbrook


"Hargreaves portrays a distinct violence in being, specifically in being a woman, that is apparent even from her table of contents (“Heap / Chew / Skim / Pore / Chip / Peel”) which focuses on words that are both domestic and torturous. Leak experiments and plays with language and the result, like the book as a whole, is both pleasurable and painful, indulgent and subversive." — Contemporary Verse 2


"Leak is a sensory and tactile gem." — Room Magazine


"Leak is striking for the sounds [Hargeaves] generates, allowing the language to roll and toss and spin in a fantastic display of gymnastic aural play so strong one can’t help but hear the words leap off the page."— rob mclennan


"A bruising book of bruises, of both body & mind, Leak refuses to play down the internal & external wounds we all suffer, & sometimes even seek." — Eclectic Ruckus


Talking Derby: Stories from a Life on Eight Wheels is Kate "Pain Eyre" Hargreaves' love letter to the sport of roller derby. A derby skater since 2010, Hargreaves takes readers behind the scenes, both on and off the track, into the world of women's flat-track roller derby. Her vignettes play with language and humour, incorporating the sport's unique terminology and culture, as well as a glimpse into the very real athleticism and powerful friendships of its players. With a full glossary of derby terms, including "jammer," "goat," and "cougaring," this book is perfect for derby fans, fresh meat, or those who are looking for their first introduction to the sport. Talking Derby thrusts smelly gear under its readers' noses and proudly displays its bruises.


"I'd recommend Talking Derby to any skater, friend or fan of roller derby. If you don't know anything about the sport, this is a great way to learn. If you're a skater, the story telling is so good here that it jogs up all those pivotal moments that are just… everything… Great book, first of its kind, this one goes to 11." — Bonnie D. Stroir


“I loved this book! Pain Eyre beautifully captures the sights, sounds and smells of this often-misunderstood sport. From jamming through shopping malls to saying goodbye to old knee pads, the derby everyday is portrayed with humour, wit and a genuine love of the game. If you are already a roller derby junkie, or you want to learn more about this unique community, read this book!" — Luludemon


"Pain Eyre nails the lingo…from snot rags to the stink of our gear. She allows a peek into the wacky world of roller derby. A refreshingly fun way of capturing the spirit of roller derby!" — Georgia W. Tush


"Talking Derby is onomatopoeia heaven! Pain Eyre does a fantastic job of capturing the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and the sensuous cacophony that is roller derby. This is no leisure lifetime activity! Time warps, it's fervid and you feel alive, and there's only one way to experience it: in the here and NOW! Talking Derby really nails that essence, and I. Am. In. To. It." — Scald Eagle